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Rei do Mel is a company specialized in the production, extraction, storage, processing and marketing of honey and bee products.

Located in the city of Remanso, state of Bahia, Brazil, the company aims to exploit the high bee potential of the vegetation of the caatinga, adding the natural aptitude to the existence of a great territorial extension of the region occupied by native forest (part of it still kills virgin) and thus guaranteeing, in addition to high production and productivity, a great quality for the honey produced.

In 2008, with the construction of a large structure to meet all the sanitary standards of the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil, regarding the extraction, storage and processing of honey, free of possible contamination, the Rei do Mel was raised to the category warehouse and obtained from this body the SIF certification. More than that, in 2009 the company became one of the few in Brazil, and the first in the state of Bahia, to have authorization to export honey (raw material) for the European Union.

Another differential of the company is the high quantity of honey commercialized. In the 2011 harvest, more than 500 tons were sold. This value still presents a high growth potential, since within a 100 km radius of the company, the Rei do Mel is the only warehouse with SIF, capable of extracting honey from the region in conditions appropriate.